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These Print Ads Were Amongst The Best That 2018 Saw

| Published on January 6, 2019

Even though social media is raging our minds and is creating a great recall for brands, those who still love their early morning newspapers know what an impact of the good print ad means. Print ads have been amongst our oldest connection with the brands and even now it hasn’t lost its charm. Here is a look at some of the best print ads of 2018


When it comes to the most relevant, hilarious and creative ads, AMUL always emerges as a top brand. Finding one ad of Amul to showcase amongst the best is a difficult task because almost all of them are worth the mention. But here is picking the most recent ones in which Amul brought out its brand essence using the Ambani and Piramal wedding.


Showing gratitude to the government of India and being thankful for their association with the tallest statue in India, this ad from Ultratech was a great one indeed. Ultratech took great pride in being one of the biggest suppliers of cement for this prestigious project and this ad emotes the same sentiment.


Breaking away from the myth of contemporary beauty definitions, Dove showcased and encouraged women to embrace themselves just the way they are. The series of ads did not speak about the traditional way of defining beauty only by physical appearance, it rather spoke of reflecting of ones inner beauty above anything else, building self-confidence and self-esteem with defining the beauty on own terms.


Encouraging the fact that failing helps us learn and putting children in the front, Surf came with these ads with a strong message. The focus was to give out the message that failing doesn’t mean you stop trying, one should only take failures as a lesson and move on in life. The message resonated well with the brand communication of ‘Daag Ache Hain’.


Nokia came with a congratulatory message ad for the coming together of two telecom giants, Vodafone and Idea and Nokia took pride in being a long-standing partner for both the networks.


Highlighting the diversity of Indian cultures and yet connecting them with a common connection of Tea, Brooke Bond Red Label came up with a series of ads with a salutation from across cultures followed in India. From Sat Sri Akal to Kem Cho, Juley, Namaste, Namoshkar, Aadab and others, it effectively conveyed the brand message of ‘Chai Ek Swagat Anek’


Zee Bollywood came up with an interesting and colorful ad building hype for their upcoming movie showcase. They twisted around popular movie dialogues in their ad which made for a great connect.


Giving your life a new meaning with an American Express card is what the ad conveyed. Strong visuals and creative messaging made for a good ad.


In a creative showcase taking a dig at the famous phrase of when life throws lemons, Nutting made it sound fun by saying when life throws peanuts, chew on. The bold use of colors and dancing caricatures at the bottom made the ad look really attractive

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