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The PR Game, Lets Hear it From Neha Bahl, Owner Qube Communication

| Published on September 6, 2018

Neha Bahl, an entrepreneur who has won several accolades and awards for her PR company, Qube Communication in a short span of time, is a woman of many words. Let us hear some interesting stories on how the PR marketing works and what is her journey all about.

Tell us about your journey, how did PR come into the picture?

PR was never on my mind, as I was happily working with UTV. Entering into the world of PR actually happened by chance as I got a good opportunity from Educomp to lead their playschool wing as a communication & PR expert. From there in the Year 2010, my journey started as a PR Person.

Tell us more about your life story. What did you do before you set up your own business?

Well, my career graph includes various elements but all related to the media industry. I started my career as an Interview Expert with DD National, then with various media houses like Hindustan Times, Fever 104 FM, UTV Software. Later joined Educomp as PR & Communication Head for their playgroup unit then worked with various PR Agencies including Madison on a senior level.

And finally in May 2015 decided to start with my own agency Qube Communication which not only deals in PR but we are a complete 360-degree marketing firm.

How did you decide on a niche for your PR company, or do you cater to all sorts of clients?

If you want to excel in any field never ever strict or limit yourself to any particular area. Yes, you may have your core strengths but never stick to one sector. That’s my approach since my job days and same is applied with my own agency. We always cater to all sectors in terms of PR & Digital Marketing as it gives makes you learn something new with each brand.

What challenges have you faced with your business?

Oh Many! Firstly, being a Women Entrepreneur most of the brands do not believe in your work (this I am talking about 3 years back, now with time things have changed for sure). Secondly, convincing the brands for some really good work that you can deliver. Not every brand especially the established brands trust your work capabilities when they get to know that you have just started despite the people in the company holds much experience. Thirdly, the fee structure is a major concern. PR Startups are usually treated as freelancers which is the biggest concern.

What advice would you give to other people who want to start their own PR agencies?

The most important thing, believe in yourself and your work capabilities and you can do wonders.
Never burden yourself with loads of work just to save money, hire good people if not experience at least the ones who are up for learning new things.
Never compromise on the quality of work, don’t just run after quantity. Sustaining in the PR industry is not that tough if you deliver the best quality work rather than counting number.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ahh… That’s one question I am still unable to answer. Well, I always believe in living for today same as in the case of Qube Communication. But if I really have to share a few plans then Qube Communication will be delivering globally (on the international level) with some really viral marketing ideas & strategies and will be known for that.

What’s your view on today every social media influencer trying to be a PR on his or her own?

This is one question that I really wish to cater to. Everybody holds up a specialization, be it a PR Person, Social Media Influencer or a Digital Influencer. One should value and respect the other’s profession. It’s not only that few Social Media Influencer trying to be a PR Person, the story is another way round too. We need to understand that what it takes to be a PR person and how they work. Developing story ideas, media pitches, press release formulations and most importantly follow-ups are not a piece of cake. Same applies with Social Media Influencer, from creating a content piece for Social Media Platform to promoting it well on those platforms really takes a lot of expertise.

My Advice: Just to make more money don’t jump in each other zone, be what you are and value that exclusivity.

What challenges do you face while working with social media influencers? Give us some inside gossip.

Ha Ha Ha! Well, I hold up good relations with almost every Social Media Influencer but yes sometimes we do face some unnecessary demands which we can’t cater to always. There are few people present in the industry who calls themselves a Social Media Influencer or Bloggers and when you invite them they come with their huge family gang to make it as a family affair/party.

On a scale of 1-10, how important do you think social media influencers are today?

Digital Media World has grown really smartly in these few years and the future is digital for sure. Social Media Influencers do hold importance in acting as one of the factors in any brand promotion. So I will rate them on between 6-7.

Top 5 social media influencers you have enjoyed working with and also recommend to your clients on a regular basis.

For Me Top 5 Social Media Influencers are:
Rocky Mohan
Pawan Soni
Karan Dua (Dil Se Foodie)
Prabhjot Singh
Gurpreet Singh Tikku & Vickrham Vicky

Tell us about one of your PR campaigns that you are most proud of and why?

There are many, but the one I would like to share is the one “Freedom From Hunger” with our client Celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar & Akshaya Patra Foundation. It was a complete Campaign which had PR, Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing as well.

Skills or Qualities required for becoming a PR Professional

Not Many but if you want to be a part of Qube Communication then you should have 3C’s: Creative, Crazy & Confident.

Was becoming a PR Professional something you always wanted to do?

Not Really! I wanted to be a TV Anchor or A Radio Jockey, but because of my good Communication skills “PR” has been a constant love till now.

What according to you is the future of PR and Digital Media?

It’s massive! Those who have not opted for these two marketing gimmicks must opt fast. PR (traditional & digital) is any day recommended in comparison to an advertisement. It gives a brand great mileage in the long run and makes the visibility of any brand for a longer period of time.

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