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Pornhub Blames Indian Govt. For Massive Decline In Traffic

| Published on January 6, 2020

India is one of the biggest markets for porn websites. There are numerous stats and facts that describe the reality of Indian youth. 

Before the ban of porn websites in India, India was the third-largest traffic generator for Pornhub in 2018.

After the move of banning 827 porn websites in 2018, Pornhub has reported that India has lost its third-place ranking in terms of traffic to the site. As per the website’s seventh annual report, India fell 12 places to the 15th position.

Pornhub laid some of the blame for the decline in traffic on the Indian government, saying, “As Japan moved up, the United Kingdom moved down to third, while India moved down 12 positions from its previous third-place position in 2018 partly due to the Indian government blocking access to some porn sites.” Top 20 countries in the list generate 79% of the total traffic on Pornhub. 


In October 2017, the central government’s Department of Telecom (DoT) had asked the internet service providers to ban 827 websites for hosting child pornography following investigation of the gang-rape incident of class X student in Dehradun by four class XII students.

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Investigation revealed that the students had watched a porn clip before allegedly committing the crime. To prevent such cases again, the Indian government decided to send a notice to ISPs and telcos, following an order by the Uttarakhand High Court.    


Two of the largest telecom and internet service providers in India — Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel — have taken down most porn websites on their network in many telecom circles, but 91% of Indians still visit the Pornhub from their mobile phones. Many porn websites, including Pornhub, found a loophole and developed various proxy websites to stay in touch with one of their biggest markets — India.


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