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Popular Indian Handmodel- Monika Mathew Shares What It Takes To Be In This Unique Profession

| Published on August 14, 2020

Unconventional jobs do not usually come in the highlight and as for hand-modelling, a lot many aren’t even aware that such a job profile exists. With body-part models around the world talking about the tougher aspects of their jobs, it gets difficult for us to understand what actually goes down in the business and most importantly, behind the camera.

Monika Matthew

Monika Matthew, is one such hand model who has worked for advertisements of Lifebuoy, Maggi, MTR as well as for famous actresses like Kajol, Kareena, Priyanka and Sara Ali Khan. She almost always has gotten a peek at her hands by everyone, first thing after she tells her job profile and she shares her story on what it takes to be a hand model with us. We got a chance to interview her and know what it takes to be a hand model.

How did you get in the hand modelling field?

Monika: I had uploaded few pictures on my social media (Instagram) and one of my friend from shoot had requested me to send few clicks of my hands which was eventually forwarded to a production company where I was selected for the movie Raees for Miara Khan. That’s how I got in this field.

What does it take to be a hand model?

Monika: I personally believe dedication is the key to become anything and when it comes to hand modelling you need a hand which is thin and a bit long with having beautiful nails. Also, having no visible scars/marks on it.

What is the procedure for prepping your hands before every shoot?

Monika: Makeup and nail paint differs from shoots to shoots. But in general, I moisturised my hand and file the nails every time I visit to do hand shoot. Adding to it, before the shoots start I do few hand exercises.

How do you maintain a perfect skin tone all year round considering Indian weather conditions?

Monika: Usually I prefer natural products to keep my skin perfect over the year. Following are the few things I follow on daily basis:

1. Give massage to my hands thrice a week.
2. Use a scrubber twice a week.
3. To remove Tan, home remedy is the best solution. As in applying tomato/gram flour paste.
4. Gloves are essential to protect my hand from dust or for any ambush on my hand.

What is the audition procedure like? Tell us about the first time you went for one.

Monika: One of my friends in shoots itself referred me to a production company with few clicks of my hand and fortunately without taking any interview.

What about your friends and family? What are their viewpoints on your unconventional job profile?

Monika: Initially when there were not educated about the having a industry of Hand Models they had their different perspective towards my field. However, now that the industry in known to the world and to my family, they feel proud and overwhelmed after watching my hand on Television.

What is the toughest part of being a hand model?

Monika: Personally, I’m always cautious of getting any scar on my hands.

What are your other interests?

Monika: Acting and to become a model.

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