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Popular Brands That Didn’t Exist When Game Of Thrones Was Launched

| Published on April 23, 2019

One thing that will forever be remembered by the now millennials is Game of Thrones. One show that changed our lives by successfully keeping us hooked to our Hotstar account for 8 long years.

First aired in the year 2011, it’s been quite a journey. And now that our wait is over and the world shall it’s Prince that was promised it’s also about time to take a look how much things have changed since the first season of Game of Thrones.

1. It was a No-Snapchat era

Launched later in the same year, dog filter wasn’t a thing when Game of Thrones first aired.

2. Tinder was merely a dream for Singles

Well, singles only started swiping right in 2012

3. FB Messenger did not exist

Facebook was still figuring things out

4. Siri wasn’t there for our assistance

You were your company

5. Netflix India had not launched

An era of torrents at its best

6. Spotify India wasn’t available

People hadn’t heard of Spotify

7. Uber hadn’t made it’s cabs services available in India

Cab services? No! No!

8. Swiggy didn’t exist.

Hungry? Feed yourself!

9. It was a world without PUBG

The world was free of PUBG

10. Amazon Prime wasn’t a thing

No next day delivery? Teaching patience literally!


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