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Popular Brand Names That You Are Probably Pronouncing Wrong

| Published on March 12, 2018

The correct pronunciation of popular brand names is screwed up all the time. Most of us pronounce them completely wrong and this is mainly due to the mistranslation in English. Check out the 10 world famous brand names that we pronounce incorrectly and also know how to pronounce them in the right way.



Let us start with one of the popular sportswear brands in the world. Adidas needs no introduction but surely some instructions for the people about how to pronounce this brand are needed.

How it’s mostly pronounced: Uh-DEE-das

How it should be pronounced: AH-dee-das

2. Hyundai


Popular car manufacturer Hyundai is known for its quality and amazing designs. A lot of people pronounce the name of this brand incorrectly.

How it’s mostly pronounced: hi-un-dye

How it should be pronounced: hun-day

3. Louis Vuitton


Commonly knows as LV, Louis Vuitton sells luxury fashion products which are unique and stylish.
How it’s mostly pronounced: loo-iss vee-ton
How it should be pronounced: loo-ee vi-ton

4. Chevrolet


Founded in 1911, Chevrolet has made its name in the international automobile market. Because of being a German brand, its name is pronounced in many different ways.

How it’s mostly pronounced: shev-ro-let

How it should be pronounced: shev-ro-lay

5. Volkswagen


Another car company this is pronounced wrongly across the world. We bet there are only a few people who pronounce Volkswagen correctly.

How it’s mostly pronounced: volks-wag-en

How it should be pronounced: fɒlksvɑ-ɡən

6. Ikea


Swedish home furnishing company IKEA has made its name in international market due its quality and creativity. Although this hasn’t made customers to pronounce it correctly as it has a Swedish name.
How it’s mostly pronounced: eye-key-ah

How it should be pronounced: Ih-key-yah

7. Adobe


Multinational software making company Adobe has been impacting the life of online content creators from years.
How it’s mostly pronounced: ah-dobe

How it should be pronounced: ah-doh-bee

8. Huawei


This Chinese brand even considered changing its name to make it easier for English-speaking consumers but they didn’t.

How it’s mostly pronounced: hugh-ah-way

How it should be pronounced: WAH-way

9. Renault


Another popular name that confuses people about its pronunciation.

How it’s mostly pronounced: ren-olt

How it should be pronounced: ren-oh

10. Nike


Being the most popular sportswear brand in the world, Nike still faces the pronunciation issue. To reveal the correct way, Nike’s chairman had to publicly speak about it where he confirmed the right pronunciation.

How it’s mostly pronounced: nyke

How it should be pronounced: ni-key

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