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PokerStars Feature Kevin Hart And Usain Bolt In Their New #GameOn Campaign

| Published on July 1, 2017

PokerStars is an online poker playing site. They have come up with a new campaign where both the sports star Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart will fight out a challenge online leaving on their fans who wins the battle.

The campaign is titled as #GameOn

Have A Look At The Video

This time it’s the battle of wits between these two super stars online. The wit war started few years back at NBA when both Bolt and Hart in the All-Star Celebrity game had a battle of words. But gone are those days. Now the real battle will start.

The Poster

Look How The War Is On

Bolt called out Hart a ‘little man’. Look at this warning video!

Hart replied back to Bolt on Twitter too. Have a look!

Heated up! Isn’t it?

Who Said What?

Director of poker marketing, said,

“Usain and Kevin represent two of the most popular personalities on social media, each with unique characteristics and loyal worldwide fans. It’s the fast vs the funny. The gloves are off and it’s about to go down. There can be only one winner and it will take a smart, shrewd, maverick mind to win this battle.”

Gravity Road founding partner, Mark Boyd, shared,

“Social media likes a battle between favorite celebrities. #GameOn builds on that social behavior, with an idea designed to work organically. Many brands treat social media as a collection of consumers and not audiences. That understanding of what people want to spend time with is hard baked into the #GameOn idea. Usain and Kevin are natural competitors and are already getting worked up about this. So who knows how it will end.”

Earlier in their campaign they have featured Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior and Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lime in their battles which were huge success.

Let us now watch out how things turn out for the fast and funny stars!

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