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Pocket52 Co-Founder & CMO Debashish Bhattacharjee Explains About Building & Scaling A Gaming Startup

| Published on October 6, 2020

Pocket52.com developed in Bangalore, India as an online real money based poker platform, though it has expanded considerably beyond that category via a slew of frugal strategies in this crowded igaming space. And so the company, now estimated at multiple millions of dollars, has coined itself around the phrase #BuildChurnWin where you can Build Yourself, Churn Your Skills & Win Over Yourself.

At its core, Pocket52 believes that life demands play and its mission is to create a comprehensive skill-based ecosystem where gamers matter the most, Pocket52 Co-Founder & CMO Debashish Bhattacharjee said in an interview with Marketing Mind.

Building Pocket52 

Debashish Bhattacharjee started Pocket52 with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs in 2018. As on date, Pocket52 has close to a team size of 100 employees. The company which started and pioneered India’s First Real Money Based Crypotographically Secure Poker Network with five-plus additional operators and onboarding more. Pocket52 has more than million-plus footfalls, and poker hands played every month. The HQ is in Bangalore India.

Beyond Intellect

Debashish plans to raise Pocket52 to a certain position in the igaming ecosystem where the user experience ornaments user needs without the need for conscious reasoning. Work on Pocket52 began more than two years ago in 2018, and Debashish led it. He has been in marketing, business & customer experience for 15 plus years, working at places such as Nokia, LG & Vodafone. In 2019, Pocket52 recorded India’s longest-running online table session with 71 hours of continuous poker action. At Pocket52, Debashish and his core co-founding team saw the need to pull everyone together in a diverse company with diverse businesses across games. They needed to have a brand that explained what the company was all about without restricting it to any given topic such as as an online real money based poker platform.

The Art & the Artist

So what Poker teaches you at Pocket52 — India’s No.1 online poker network – certified by iTech Labs Australia

  • Engage in a game of strategy and strengthen your mind
  • You can pick from many poker rooms
  • Games are running throughout the horologe
  • A more active method to learn the sport
  • Different games formats in one place and at the same time
  • A much faster games so you play more hands
  • Transparent bonuses and free to play poker tournaments starting at ₹ 1 Lac or $1356

Unravel Ivory Silk

We all realise that we are in the ever-evolving igaming industry; we recognise the determination that we are coming to work to provide a comprehensive experience to our loyal customers. They as the poker players of Pocket52 and our employees can take it to whatever level they want. We give our users and the employees the liberty to do whatever they want in that space; the effort took up much time for the co-founding team, employees, and users of Pocket52, If our users and employees understand why we are doing, they can be our true brand ambassadors. That’s definitely one of the key results areas and overall North Star metric at Pocket52, and this is something very important because each of the mentioned stakeholders (our user and employees) can connect to the vision of Pocket52.

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