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Planning To Upgrade Your New Business; Consider These 5 Valuable E’s For Your Business Growth

| Published on December 8, 2018

Today running a business comes with a lot of challenges. One has to be constantly on toes to make a success out of it. Also, businesses require upgrading when you see them running on a snail’s pace and aren’t happy with the progress. Here are some valuable Es to be considered when you are planning to upgrade your new business.





The first ‘E’ is efficiency. The success of any business relies on its efficiency. Try automating certain operations and make your workers more productive. Monitoring repetitive tasks and putting time clocks in place can help you evaluate where and how your employees are spending time and will allow making better decisions leading to a more efficient team and business.




An expansion is the natural evolution of your business and upgrading your business definitely means looking at ways to expand it. But expansion has to be slow and gradual along with a well-thought strategy. For example, if you want to cater to more customers and are looking at increasing your production, it’s better to first evaluate it well. Rather than hiring more employees, try and outsource certain services in order to see what works and what not. The expansion is definitely a key to upgrading your business, but at the same time, using cost-effective measures to achieve the same will help the business growth in the long run.




Many studies have proven that a nice working atmosphere helps in increasing the productivity of employees. No one likes a dull and boring place to work in. Upgrading your work area and making it more lively and employee friendly will surely help you to get the best out of them. Apart from making the workspace vibrant and comfortable, also try and include a couple of recreational activities like a table tennis or dart boards and also throw in some couches and bean bags to help the employees relax and unwind.





Knowing the Expectations of your clients can help you steer the business in the right direction. You should aim at providing solutions to your customers even before the problem is raised. Feedbacks, constant interaction with customers both offline and online enable you to learn where your business is faltering and act accordingly. Never show a customer that the problems or issues raised by them are insignificant in any way. Rather address them, learn from them and try anticipating in order to provide solutions beforehand. Exceeding customer expectations go in a long way to help your business on the growth path.





Yes you laid out a business plan before starting out and you are following every method to ensure you remain on your plan, but times change, situations change and even the demands and expectations of customers change. Always be ready to reinvent. Even if doesn’t mean making any big changes in your business, small innovations and changes are what keeps the business going forward. Sometimes, just repackaging your business also helps to connect with the customers in a better way. So whenever upgrading the business is on your mind, look for ideas to reimagine and reinvent your business.


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