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Pizza Hut Hilariously Mocks Deo Brands Ads In Its Latest Campaign

| Published on March 4, 2019

If you are following Indian advertising industry, there is a big chance that you are aware of the fact that most ads are made following trends from the past. For example, Insurance brands tend to show ads that have a female character dependent on the male, likewise, deodorant brands mostly show guys spraying the deo following with a lot of girls coming to the guy due to the fragrance.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut in its latest ad has smartly mocked such brands due to their outdated strategies. The Pizza giant has released a 30-second video ad which most people will confuse with a Deodorant ad seeing the first few scenes.

The ad is fun to watch showing‘aroma’ of Pizza Hut’s pizzas, that advertises their amazing taste, as the ultimate main factor to attract foodies. Through the brand film, Pizza Hut has used light-hearted humour-based content to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Watch the complete ad below:

Experts opinion

Prashant Gaur, Chief Brand and Customer Officer, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent said, “Taste is the biggest driver in our category. We wanted to make a fun film that highlights the distinctive aroma of Pizza Hut pan pizzas in an interesting way. This ad not only achieves that objective, but also enhances it with the element of a surprising twist at the end, that successfully piques viewers’ interest and makes it memorable. We hope our differentiated content strategy and digital push will spur conversations around the film amongst netizens.”

Pizza Hut is planning a range of digital marketing strategies to create buzz around the film launch online.

Kapil Arora, president, Ogilvy group companies – North said,

“We decided to dramatise that very enticing aroma of the pizzas in this campaign. Taking on stereotypical, fake deodorant and toothpaste attraction stories, we contrasted the magnetic pull of irresistible pizzas from Pizza Hut at a fabulous price as the real deal.”

Quotes Source: Exchange4Media

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