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Pizza Delivery Boy Starts A Cake Shop That Has Rs 8 Crores Turnover Today

| Published on July 29, 2021

The dream to start your own business can seem difficult even when you are privileged enough to take the risks. But for those who have too much at stake and no support, the dream becomes more challenging to achieve. The dream however can only be achieved through one’s sheer hard work and dedication.

Though there are many success stories about people who have made a name for themselves by following their calling, today we will tell you about Sunil Vashisht, an entrepreneur who fought against all odds.

Sunil’s Journey

After completing his higher secondary schooling in Delhi, Suni took random jobs to earn a living. Born in a lower-middle-class family, Sunil’s father worked as a mechanical laborer and was the only earning member. His family’s financial conditions encouraged Sunil to take up jobs soon after completing his schooling.

Sunil took up many random jobs before he started working at Domino’s Pizza in Delhi in 1998. Being a hardworking employee, Domino’s recognized him as the best employee multiple times. After working with the outlet for 5 years, Sunil resigned in 2003.

Working Towards Success

While working with Domino’s, Sunil strategically saved a considerable amount. After working hard for 5 years and acquiring the required funds, Sunil decided to open up a small food stall in Delhi.


Unfortunately, his small business was not a success due to legal reasons. This setback did not put down his spirit and Sunil started looking for other business opportunities.

After surveying the area, he realized that the locality lacked a good cake shop. In 2007, Sunil saw the opportunity and opened up a cake shop ‘Flying Cakes‘ after taking a loan of Rs 58,000 from his friend.

Making It Happen

Though Sunil was working hard to make ‘Flying Cakes’ a success, he was unable to garner much popularity. There was very limited footfall and the business was struggling.

One fine day, a senior executive from the office of HCL next to his shop, came to Flying Cakes to order a cake for her son. As expected, she ended up loving the quality of the cake and the word of mouth spread fast. ‘Flying Cakes’ was soon receiving corporate orders.

The business took off and Sunil started receiving hundreds of orders in a day. Today, the company has a turnover of over Rs 8 Crores and has opened up 15 branches in cities like Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune.

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