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Pihu Gets Slammed For Making Little Girl Call For Help. People Are Calling It Worst Promotion Strategy

| Published on October 29, 2018

The trailer of the upcoming movie “Pihu” has already created a buzz online as it looks very disturbing and new to Indian audience. The trailer shows a 2 year-old-girl whose mother is in a non-responsive state and lying on the bed while the little girl is doing some risky things such as cooking on gas, getting inside the refrigerator or leaning on balcony.

It is based on a true story and below you can watch the trailer we are talking about:

Movies these days are trying new marketing strategies and in the race of getting attention, sometimes it can go wrong for the movie also. Something similar has happened with Pihu as some people got a call from an unknown number and heard a child crying on the other side of the line. The phone got disconnected and after some time, they received a link to “help the child” but when they clicked on the link, what they got to see was nothing else but the trailer of “Pihu”.


This promotion strategy has shocked people and some are calling it terrible mistake by the promoters. Some were left disturbed and traumatized.

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Users on social media slammed the makers mercilessly for this poor marketing strategy. Here are some reactions:

A horrible idea, a disgusting invasion of privacy.

Dumb & insensitive marketing campaign.

Terrifying marketing

Movie marketing has reached absurd levels.

It seems like the producer Ronnie Screwwala is undisturbed with the criticism as he said that the marketing team wanted to try something different and it may have left some people unhappy but it doesn’t mean that they will stop looking for different options.

What are your thoughts on this marketing gimmick? Let us know your views.

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