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Phoenix Marketcity Pune Is Changing The Digital Game With Their Innovative Campaigns

| Published on March 26, 2019

With the growth of Internet, businesses in India are becoming aware of the importance of Digital Marketing. The best part of Digital Marketing over traditional Marketing is that one can measure and track the success of a campaign instantly.

A successful digital campaign is planned keeping in mind that the right content is reaching the right people. Brands which follow this strategy never fail to attract audience and Phoenix Marketcity Pune is one name that is making a great buzz online with their recent campaigns. In this article, we are sharing 3 digital campaigns from Phoenix Marketcity Pune that reached their target audience in huge numbers and helped the brand to make their online presence stronger than ever. Have a look:

1. Phoenix Digital Diva

Instagram has become a platform where people take the recommendations of fashion bloggers seriously. A large portion of fashion trends we follow these days are influenced by these bloggers. Knowing this fact, Phoenix Marketcity Pune decided to associate with fashion bloggers for a campaign.

In this campaign, Pune’s best fashion bloggers were invited to participate in a month-long activity for ‘Phoenix Digital Diva-18’ title. To maintain proper standards, 8 bloggers were shortlisted due to their content quality. Bloggers were given different themes to style themselves and a couple. Bloggers posted their looks using #PhoenixDigitalDiva on social media.

The campaign managed to feature 20 in-mall brands in the styling photo-shoots that followed with each task. With a massive reach of over 3 Million, this campaign went viral on social media increasing the awareness of their brands in the right manner.

2. Beardo Of Pune

To get maximum advantage of Digital marketing, it is important to use trending topics. Phoenix Marketcity Pune did that by riding on the popularity of #NoShaveNovember. A Beardo Pageant was launched as a part of this campaign.

Guys were asked to share 3 of their Beardiest pictures. Over 1000 people registered online for this out of which the top 21 were selected. As a part of the campaign, these were groomed by a city-based Fashion choreographer and was concluded with a Beardo Flash Mob in the Mall.

3. Portraits of Phoenix

With #PortraitsOfPhoenix campaign, Phoenix Marketcity invited 50 photographers at the mall at the same time. This helped the brand to create a sense of curiosity among the customers.

Photoshoots models in different themes were taken for their portfolios. There were over 600 images under the hashtag #PortraitsOfPhoenix on Instagram giving a massive reach of over 500k.

These 3 campaigns can act as a perfect learning model for brands that are trying to increase the reach of their Digital campaigns. Which campaign impressed you the most among these? Do let us know in the comments section.

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