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PharmEasy’s #CricketKaTonic- An Epic Marketing Gimmick Disguised As IPL Banter

| Published on October 29, 2020

A few days ago, as the Indian audience started lapping up the highs and lows of the Indian Premier League, PharmEasy introduced their new range of GIFS and stickers under the hashtag, #CricketKaTonic on Instagram. Slowly, these became a part of everyone’s IPL banter online, with some fans even having entire conversations with just these GIFS and stickers. It is safe to say that the Indian audience is lapping up #CricketKaTonic too.


Unconventional marketing strategies

Unlike a lot of brands which went the traditional route and simply created social media posts regarding the IPL, PharmEasy’s marketing strategy incorporated an innovative and differentiated, way of establishing brand presence. Through their fun and quirky GIFS and stickers, PharmEasy got IPL viewers and potential customers to consume their content, without realizing the subliminal sales push in every one of them.

All #CricketKaTonic GIFS and stickers are designed with products available on PharmEasy being at the center of every conversation. This ensures that every time an IPL fan uses one of these GIFS or stickers in their banter, they are recommending a product that anyone could buy on the medicine ordering app.

Whopping Figures!

Their unique way of marketing did wonders for the brand and gave them a reach of around 29.29 million, with Instagram as their prime source of engagement. The period has also seen their social media fanbase increase by almost 40%. With a total engagement score of 3.11 million, PharmEasy has really stirred up social media with their brilliant IPL campaign.

What Makes #CricketKaTonic Stand Out?

Their marketing that easily managed to not look like marketing, gave them the desired engagement and optimal reach.#CricketKaTonic, by the nature of its GIFS and stickers, became a part of the chatter online, aiding conversations on IPL team fan pages, meme pages and in general chit-chat among friends. Using GIFS and stickers was always a part of the IPL viewers’ behavior. PharmEasy just seeded the right ‘Tonic’ at the right time.

#CricketKaTonic is truly a case study in the books of social media engagement. These GIFS and stickers have kept the noise high this IPL season with conversations full of fun banter. You can find these GIFS and stickers by simply searching “PharmEasy” under your Instagram GIFS and liven up your conversations as well.

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