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2 minutes read

PharmEasy Launches A Set Of GIFS To Liven Up The IPL Season Even More!

| Published on October 20, 2020

Now that the IPL season is here and has proved to be a much-needed break from the monotony of the lockdown, everyone has found a new normal in watching the matches together, virtually with their friends and WhatsApp groups have been buzzing with all the banter during the matches.

Keeping this in mind, PharmEasy, India’s most trusted online pharmacy platform recently launched a collection of funky and cool gifs under the hashtag, #CricketKaTonic on Instagram. These gifs capture the emotions that cricket lovers go through while watching the Indian Premier League and gives them a clever way to communicate their feelings towards their opponents digitally!

With a collection of healthy gifs that compliment your everyday cricket banter, the company asks you to #TakeItEasy and spice up the cricketing conversation with their highly relatable gifs. A dropped catch? A hard-earned win? A super over? PharmEasy has got you covered! The gifs have become quite a hit on the internet with fans using them in their own unique ways to troll fans of the losing team.

It’s rightly said that a win doesn’t feel like a win until you rub it in your opponent’s face. Use these gifs by simply searching for “PharmEasy” among your Instagram gifs and give your cricket banter the much-needed boost with #CricketKaTonic!

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