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Pepsico Bans ‘Kurkure Has Plastic’ Jokes, Twitterati Came Up With Funnier Memes

| Published on July 27, 2018

At a time when India is trying to deal with plastic pollution, PepsiCo wants social media companies to delete content that claims Kurkure contains plastic. According to reports, PepsiCo has obtained an order from the Delhi High Court to delete posts with texts, images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube that show Kurkure has plastic.


Around 3412 Facebook links, 20244 Facebook posts, 242 YouTube videos, 6 Instagram links, and 562 tweets have been ordered to remove.


The petition, as reported by Medianama, states that PepsiCo has spent more than Rs 2 crores to remove the rumors about Kurkureand has demanded damages worth Rs 2.1 crore from the defendants along with taking the links down.

This gave Twitterati a new topic to talk about as they shared their opinions on Pepsico’s initiative.

They are cool with screenshot tweets

I was thinking of recycling them

I don’t care even if it has plastic.

PepsiCo trying to block tweets on Kurkure

I am never having plastic in my life

We are not promoting that Kurkure has plastic but this decision can actually backfire the company with even more jokes like this. What do you think about this step by Pepsico? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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