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People Get Angry At Gautam Gambhir For Promotion During India vs Pak Match

| Published on June 19, 2019

India vs Pak match on Sunday was a big deal for brands as everyone was stuck to TV screens on online platforms like Hotstar to watch the game live. Brands came with some really funny ads before and during this match but former Indian cricketer and opening batsman Gautam Gambhir is facing backlash online for behaving abnormally for a promotion.

To know why we say this, know that when Gambhir was running for elections, he tweeted that India should boycott playing in the World Cup and now he was showing his excitement for India-Pakistan match while promoting CricPlay.

Gautam Gambhir

In a tweet, he wrote “Either you don’t play them anywhere or open doors for them. What happened in Pulwama is absolutely not acceptable. I am sure it’s going to be difficult to boycott Pakistan in the World Cup but they are not playing them in bilaterals. The best they can do is to stop playing in Asia Cup as well, that’s what I believe.”

People got angry over Gambhir and they were upset by the hypocrisy he showed.







Surely, this is one another marketing failure. Well, brands show have a look at the history of the celebrity before picking him/her for the promotion because it can go very badly against the brand. How can read more such marketing failures here : 5 Celebrity Endorsements That Backfired The Brand Itself

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