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PeeSafe Announces India’s First Female Condom Brand By Taking A Dig On Its Rival Durex

| Published on December 22, 2020

On the 1st of December, the world observed the World AIDS Day. While many organisations used the social media platform to spread the word and educate people about the importance of using protection, PeeSafe announced its first female condom brand, Domina.

The product is still in its initial phase and hasnt been launched yet but PeeSafe used the opportunity to introduced the brand to the world tactfully.

PeeSafe introduced the condom brand by taking a hillarious dig on their competitor’s latest ad campaign. Durex India had recently launched an using the theme of the much talked about Netflix series, Queens Gambit.

While Durex’s ad was yet another creative masterpiece, PeeSafe, being a feminin hygiene brand had to make a statement. The brand introduced Domina by making a not so subtle change in Durex’s ad campaign.

While Durex’s ad urged people to ‘Check’ before they ‘Mate’ (pun intended), PeeSafe’s post covered its queen in a condome and read ‘Prepared to not CHECK, MATE’. PeeSafe’s caption of the post cheekishly read, The Queen’s Gambit indeed and they even tagged Durex India in their post. Making it the ultimate dig on their rival ever.

PeeSafe has always tried to bring out the tough conversations out in the open to make it easier for women to enjoy their sex life and have safe and painless mensural cycles as well. The brand has been taking initiatives that no other brand has thought of in all these years.

From eco-friendly Menstural cups to toilet seat sanitizer to protect women from getting UTIs from using public bathrooms, the range of products launched by PeeSafe are truly commendable.

It is safe to say that PeeSafe’s latest launch is for every woman who is as woke about her sexuality as any men and even more. The product is sure to bring the change that is needed in the society about the physical needs of women.

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