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Paytm Mall Is Offering You Free Personalised T-shirts. Here’s How You Can Avail It.

| Published on June 9, 2018

Many brands miss touching the right chord because they miserably fail in their marketing strategies. Just doing “Sales” isn’t important, but doing it the “Right way” is. If one needs to enhance brand recognition, then it’s highly essential to connect well with the target audience.

Marketing strategies have changed a lot due to digitalization and brands are focusing more on interacting with customers through various mediums. Gone are those days when only billboards, posters, and print mediums were used for conveying a message. These days it’s vital for brands to incorporate interesting twists so that audience doesn’t get bored.

Paytm is one such brand which realizes the effectiveness of a good strategy. Well, it’s already the best platform in India for shopping online, thanks to amazing discounts, quality products, and fast delivery. But today, we realized that it’s ahead in terms of marketing knowledge too. Keeping in mind the factor of customer engagement, Paytm Mall has come up with an interesting contest for all slogan lovers “Teespiration”.

What’s this new contest all about?

This new contest is giving all “Creative thinkers” a chance to further explore their creativity and win some amazing freebies. If slogan writing is something you love, then Paytm Mall’s new contest “Teespiration” is something you just can’t miss. Through this campaign, this company is encouraging users to share their favorite slogans for t-shirts & win exciting prizes in return. You can check the wide range of t-shirts with some slogans here

How to participate and win?

It is very easy to participate in this contest; all you need to do is click on this link and share your favorite and of course, the most creative quote in the comments section. Don’t forget to use hashtag #Teespiration. Out-of-the-box quotes will be printed on tees & the minds behind it will be pampered with amazing gifts.

Important things to know about this contest

  • The contest has started on 8th June and will end on 12th June.
  • 10 shortlisted people will get their very own statement tees.
  • These tees will be featured on Paytm Mall for sale.
  • The top 5 selling contestants will win flight vouchers worth ₹10,000.

Have a look at the post;

Why is this campaign unique?

Teespiration is unique because of the kind of entertaining flavor it has. Usually, people get bored noticing campaigns and responding to them. However, in this case, more and more people will come forward and share their creative thoughts, to win exciting gifts in return. This marketing strategy is definitely a smart one because it perfectly combines “Creativity” and “Freebie factor” together. Moreover, this campaign directly connects to the youth, which is why, it “Recognition” is 100 percent guaranteed. The company has used social media for this campaign, which once again means that it is aware of the right marketing channel. 100 percent customer engagement is possible due to the kind of strategy Paytm Mall has come up with.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grasp this opportunity by sharing the best quote you know and thank us later.

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