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Paytm And MediaTek Launch An IOT Device With A Viral Video Campaign

| Published on May 17, 2019

The last few years have been quite surprising for the Indian financial sector as companies like Paytm have emerged as big players in the market. Paytm’s growth gives us clear evidence that how one can achieve growth in Indian market. Along with quality service and amazing discount, what makes Paytm so addictive for customers is the way the company approaches its marketing and advertising strategies.

Take the example of its recent campaign for Paytm’s IoT based device. The fintech company in association with MediaTek decided to opt for a creative idea of targeting youth by launching a video campaign with RVCJ Media– India’s biggest name when it comes to making meme content.

The video named A Day At A Chai Tapri features Youtube star Nikhil Vijay and popular faces who are regularly seen on RVCJ’s videos including Saad Bilgrami, Lalitam Anand among many more. The video shows what a regular day at a chai shop looks like.

The video is a perfect dose of entertainment showing different types of people who visit a tea shop. Excited to see the video? You can see it below:

What makes this video special is the way Paytm has integrated its new IOT based device in this campaign. The device that will be launched soon in the Indian market and has been designed using a MediaTek processor giving confirmation using voice message each time a user transfers money to Paytm account.

MediaTek is well-known all across the world for creating pioneering products for Helio smartphones, automotive, IoT, home entertainment and mobile. For those who don’t know, MediaTek chips power the Alexa and Firestick devices of Amazon, so it is only natural they were the preferred partner for Paytm’s IoT product as well.

This is just the start for great innovations to come from MediaTek for an array of IoT products which will flood the market after the arrival of 5G band which is scheduled very soon by telecom majors.

This campaign has been planned and conceptualised by their agency Lucid Space which is based in Bangalore.

Founder of Lucid Space, Rohit Bharadwaj stated

“Paytm being among the top consumer brands in the market currently and Mediatek racing their way to the top in the semiconductor space, we found it fit that now it was time for the masses to know what the technology behind such devices is how companies like MediaTek are leading innovation in the space on IOT and Mobile-based devices”.

Talking about the numbers, the campaign has generated close to 1 Million views on YouTube alone in a very short span of time.

We loved both the concept and execution of this campaign as it is helping Paytm to promote the device in the right way. Using YouTube is a great medium when it comes to launching a product all across the country as video content ensures the engagement of users with a wide user base.

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