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Paytm CEO Joins The ‘I Say, They Hear’ Trend On Twitter

| Published on June 1, 2019

Social media is a very different yet special place to be in. It is weird, fun, confusing, cute and crazy, all at once. Everyone on social media is different and unique in every possible aspect ranging from location, interests, beliefs, purpose or attitude.

Social media is where you find the latest memes, follow your favorite stand-up comedians or actors, get inspiration or well, you yourself get to become a social media superstar within a couple of hours. This is exactly what happened with a young Twitter user when her tweet left everyone laughing and appreciating the idea.

The Jumpstart to the latest Trend!

Twitter user @roooossshhiiiii posted a tweet about her proud Punjabi Heritage on the 25th of May 2019 and probably had no idea back then that she would start a worldwide trend.
The tweet which went like – ‘I say Punjabi, they hear Butter Chicken’ which has 133 retweets and more than 800 likes now, had and is still received highly positive feedback from Twitter users.

It’s Trending after all!

In fact, it motivated people to go bonkers and start telling their own story, breaking stereotypes, one at a time.

and many more were the few that were a part of the rampant new posts.

Big names never leave a chance!

However, this wasn’t enough. The post has now received mentions from top brands like Hindustan Times, Indian Express and Asiaville. Makes one think, @roooossshhiiiii or as her tagline reads – Grumpy was sure not left Grumpy anymore.

Infact, even Paytm’s Founder and CEO, Vijay Shekher Sharma joined teh army and tweeted – ‘I say Aligarh. they hear Taale’

The other-than-Punjabis also joined..

It has been more than five days ever since and one might think that things might have died down after a few days, but no, the twitter thread has actually taken a new turn instead. People have started talking about not just food, but multiple other mainstream geographical stereotypes that comes with India’s Diversity and culture.
‘I say Bihar, they hear UPSC’
‘I say Gujarat, they hear Garba’
‘ say Bhopal, they hear lakes’
‘I say Chennai, they hear Madras’
were the few good ones out of the lot.

I must say, India is the one place where you would find people bonding over social media trends, finding originality and fun in simple one-line statements and making it all a very interesting read. Go check this out on Twitter you haven’t already and maybe even add your own little magic to it!

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