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Patanjali Becomes India’s Most Influential Brands As Reported By Ipsos Study

| Published on July 16, 2017

Global Research company Ipsos has recently reported the most influential companies in India for the year 2016.

Google acquires the number one spot. Number two and three spots are acquired by Microsoft and Facebook respectively.

But the important aspect or talked on topic is that how some local brands have made an impressive entry in the top 10 countdown. Patanjali is ranked fourth and Jio is ranked ninth. Impressive enough!

In the previous year both these brands were not in view but with a huge impact on masses within a short span of time have made them show up in this years list. Flipkart dropped three spots to take the tenth place while Amazon climbed a couple of steps to take the sixth place.

Leading Indian bank SBI, has always been influential but this year they have move up to four ranks to take the fifth place.

Ipsos evaluates 100+ brands across 21 countries and involved 36,600 interviews. In India, the research covered more than 1,000 Indians online to assess 100+ brands.


Who Said What?

Parijat Chakraborty, Executive Director, Ipsos Public Affairs & Loyalty, said,

“The Most Influential Brands are larger than life. They are aspirational. They enhance our lives – make it better. We trust these brands. We connect with them emotionally and cannot imagine our lives without them – they are influential.”

She added,

“It’s impossible for consumers to imagine their lives without these brands. The formula for success of Influence rides on five pillars like trustworthiness, engagement, leading edge, corporate citizenship and presence”


How It’s Done

They take into account the consumer’s rate and brand quality and value. They alos take into account every customer experience and feedback. This is done second times in a row. The objective is to showcase influence of a brand in India and also globally.

Ipsos has measured the biggest, most well-known and/ or highest spending brands only. They didn’t take into account the entire market. The brandsare generally those which consumers use on daily basis. The other brands are, Apple, Dettol, Cadbury, Sony, HDFC Bank, Maruti Suzuki, Good Day, iPhone and Amul.

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