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3 minutes read

Pataa Ad campaign Creates Buzz With 16 Crore+ Views Within Few Days Of The Launch

| Published on September 24, 2021

In less than a week’s time the Pataa ad campaign has won the hearts of millions. The viewership mark has already crossed 16 crore+ views till now and as we speak, it is increasing to create new records. The Pataa ad films, shot under the banner of Kaka Creative Company (KCC), have gripped the audience like never before. Be it the address muddle up of “Dubey – Choubey” or a guy losing his head over explaining his address again and again or paving the way for an ambulance by a “Khote da puttar”, these ads have surely embedded themselves in the hearts of the audience.

Don’t believe us? Check these awesome comments wherein several people have shared their views and stated that they have never searched an ad on YouTube but here are we!

From what we feel, the reason for this campaign’s success lies in the fact that these ad films managed to strike a chord with the viewer. They are a perfect balance of humor and the functionality of the Application. The Pataa app aims to provide a solution to common man’s frustration and embarrassment in finding the apt address because of the chaotic addressing system of India. With Pataa, the users can cut their long address into a unique short code, provide recorded voice direction, photos of the destination, any special remarks that will make the commuters travel easy. This isn’t it! They can also track visitors’ location on a real time basis.

Pataa takes pride in sharing that all the ads were shot in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and thanks to all the Indories, friends and family for their support and well wishes. The co-founders, Mr Rajat Jain and Mr Mohit Jain, who  provided their creative insights, acknowledge the efforts of lead actor Mr Manyuu Doshi, director Mr Rupesh Tillu and the entire cast and crew. The whole process from crisp creative writing to directing to the final outcome, every stage was well thought out and executed. All the 6 ads were shot in a span of 3 days and the outcome! It’s historical. The thought was to touch upon the 90’s humor in the ad films and Well! What they did is just splendid!

The advertisements were a brave experiment but Manyuu Doshi, who is also an actor-creator, teacher based out of Mumbai with an MFA in Physical Theatre from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, California, said that the entire ride was quite smooth sailing and effortless due to the support of the people involved.

On the success of the ad campaign the director, Mr Rupesh Tillu said “The Ads have probably been a huge hit because they try to find the truth in every situation. Comedy is just an after effect that the camera catches.”

To all who loved these entertaining yet pressing ads, believe us you are here for some treat.  Pataa is all set to woo you soon, so stay excited and eager like we are! 


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