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Passenger Complaints About Dirty Toilet; Railways Authorities Are Just Passing It Further

| Published on July 1, 2019

Twitter has become a medium for customers to interact with brands and government authorities to give honest feedback. Time to time we get to see some hilarious replies from brands and this even helps in making their marketing game stronger. But, if Twitter handles are not taken seriously, they can backlash badly and something similar happened with Indian Railways recently.

What happened is passenger complaint about the dirty conditions in a train toilet and his complaint was quickly by the authorities on Twitter. Parveen Komal the passenger, tweeted, “मल मूत्र से सनी हुई नरेंद्र मोदी और पीयूष गोयल की गाड़ी संख्या 14606 कोच S 8 धार्मिक नगरी हरिद्वार को जा रही है।जम्मू तवी से ही टॉयलेट से पानी नदारद। ये है रेलवे का भोंडा चेहरा। PNR 2625757548.” tagging Central Railway in the caption.

Central Railway was quick to respond to this complaint and tagged Nothern Railway to look into the matter.

Interestingly, Nothern Railway did the exact same as Central Railway asking Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Moradabad, who further replicated it to Carriage and Wagon(C and W/CONTROL/MB/NR), who informed that the Senior Section Engineer (SSE/CHG/HW) has been advised to look into the matter.

The picture looks like this at the moment

It will be interesting to see how this problem will be solved.

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