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Passenger Complained IRCTC For Expired Food Products, How The Manager Replied Will Shock You

| Published on September 26, 2018

There is a common problem that all passengers who travel in Indian trains face and that is the quality of food that is served on trains. A lot of times, the food served is stale, smells awful and the food packets are sold beyond the expiry date which is unhygienic and not fit to be consumed.


A passenger named Gagan Randhawa traveling on train no. 12925 experienced the same when he bought a drink and saw that its recommended consuming date had already expired. A Twitter account with username Being Woman complained IRCTC about this.

IRCTC asked him for his PNR number for further inquiry.

After a few hours, Gagan posted about the whole incident on Facebook and wrote that the manager asked him to remove the complaint as the authority will charge Rs 5000 as fine.

Today while travelling on Train caught #irctc guys selling expired products to passengers on train no. 12925. Many of the passengers without knowing bought and drank expired product which can be dangerous to health as well! What a shame #irctc! When I tweeted to IRCTC a so-called Manager came and asked me to withdraw the complaint coz there is a fine of RS 5000 on him. So R/s 5000 is the price of a life and anyone can serve expired food,

Gagan wrote.

This shows how irresponsible IRCTC is towards the health of travelers and even the managers are not looking to solve the issues.

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