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From Acting To Building Nish Hair, Its Been A Wild Ride, But I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way: Parul Gulati

In her conversation with Marketing Mind, Parul Gulati, an Indian Actress and Founder & CEO of Nish Hair, opens up on how the idea of starting a human hair extension brand struck her while watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', beginning her entrepreneurial journey when she wasn’t famous, role of Shark Tank India in making Nish Hair a household name and more.

| Published on March 4, 2024

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Parul Gulati, Founder and CEO of human hair extension brand- Nish Hair, or commonly known as ‘Nish Hair Ki Maalkin’ isn’t your typical entrepreneur.

Having started her career as an actress in 2010, Gulati has featured in a slew of TV Shows, Movies and Web Series including popular names like TVF’s Girls Hostel, P.O.W.- Bandi Yuddh Ke, Haq Se, Selection Day, Zorawar, Romeo Ranjha, etc.

But it was in February 2017 that she began her journey as an entrepreneur and launched Nish Hair.

Parul Gulati, CEO, Nish Hair
Parul Gulati, CEO, Nish Hair

Speaking to Marketing Mind on the genesis of Nish Hair, Gulati stated that she’d been itching to start something of her own to have control over her income and leave a mark.

“I wasn’t really sure what. But then, one random day, while watching ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, they mentioned hair extensions, and it just clicked. I always struggled to find good quality, affordable ones for myself, so I thought, why not make this my business idea and see where it goes,” she added.

With this, she also mentioned that Nish Hair, as a brand, started when she wasn’t even famous.

“I was an actor, and sure, that helped a bit with industry contacts and being comfortable in front of the camera for our videos. But the real fame for me and the brand came when I started pumping out content on Instagram, and some of my web series hit screens in 2020,” she added.

Upon being questioned on how her finale pitch on Shark Tank India Season 2, which apparently took the internet by a storm, added value to the brand, she replied that it was huge for her and the team at Nish Hair as it put the brand on the map and made Nish Hair a household name.

“The exposure gave us credibility and opened doors to new opportunities. It was a game-changer,” she said.


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Reflecting on her journey as an actress-turned-entrepreneur, Gulati mentioned that since she’s in the entrepreneurial game with Nish Hair, being in entertainment has only opened doors for her and only given her opportunities that other entrepreneurs don’t get.

“It’s tough being an entrepreneur, especially as a woman. But more women are taking risks and trusting themselves, and that’s forcing people to take us seriously. It’s a work in progress, but we’re getting there,” she expressed while commenting on the change in people’s approach to women in business.

With this, Gulati also emphasized that even though women have been running businesses, ranging from home kitchens to boutiques, for ages, it’s a man’s world out there, and the reason, as per her for the same, is women have been held back by limited exposure and support.

“But hey, the tide is turning. More young women are diving into entrepreneurship, and the revolution has just begun,” she added.

Highlighting the fact that Nish Hair is not just proudly led by women but also has a strong preference for hiring women, Gulati mentioned that since it all began in her living room, where she first enlisted the help of women who previously worked as maids to assist with stitching and manufacturing, with time, she developed the understanding that these women not only excel in their roles but also effectively manage their households.

“Their determination and growth served as a powerful inspiration, leading to an unspoken decision to prioritize women in our team. Our goal now extends beyond mere employment– we’re dedicated to nurturing their careers, providing opportunities for advancement, and empowering them to flourish,” she added.

Parul Gulati and Nish Hair Team
Parul Gulati and Nish Hair Team

Commenting on what she would do differently if she could start her professional journey once again, Gulati said that she wouldn’t change a thing.

“It’s been a wild ride, shaping me into who I am today. But if I had to nitpick, maybe I’d be a tad more cautious and do better background checks on people I work with. Got burnt a few times at the start and I would have liked to avoid that,” she said.

When asked about choosing between acting and entrepreneurship for herself now that both the brand and her career as an actress has evolved, Gulati said that she still sticks to her Shark Tank’s statement- “I can’t choose. Both acting and running Nish Hair are my passions. The brand is like my baby, and I’m married to acting.”

“Luckily, with a growing team, I can juggle both,” she added.

Being a women entrepreneur herself who has seen life both with and without fame, her advice for aspiring and budding female entrepreneurs is to keep at it.

“Stay persistent, stay consistent, and believe in yourself, no matter what. Failure’s just a pit stop on the road to success,” she said.

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