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From A Part Time Burger Shop Employee To Making A Successful Brand ‘Burger Singh’ This Is Kabir Jeet’s Story

| Published on December 2, 2018

Kabir Jeet Singh worked part-time in a burger shop while studying in the UK. Soon he got tired of the free burger that he got every day and he started experimenting with sauces and tried to add Indian flavors to the burgers. This caught up the fancy of his friends who not only liked the burgers he created but also gave him the name ‘Burger Singh’. The idea of opening up ‘Burger Singh’ was thus seeded in his mind and he came back to India to turn his idea into reality. He spent 2 years, from giving shape to his idea and in 2014 his idea of Indianised burgers was finally launched as ‘Burger Singh’ and since then the brand has seen immense growth.

Team of Burger Singh

The Challenges

Streamlining the supply chain management came as the biggest challenge. Managing the ecosystem between vendors, employees and customers was a huge task at hand. After several attempts at customizing the available technology, they ended up building their own.

The Journey

Both Kabir and his co-founder Nitin Rana had to do almost everything from preparing the burger patties with their own hands, to handle operations and even deliver themselves when there was a shortage of staff. The overwhelming response they got right from the start, made them run all errands to keep up with the business flow. Today Burger Singh is 20 outlets strong in North and West of India and is looked up very fondly by the consumers. It also makes for one of the most successful homegrown brands into burgers as of date.

Way Ahead

The company has recently tied up with Corks & Kegs for a franchise deal and plans to open up 18 more outlets in the UK, after the two they recently launched. The brand has been able to raise two rounds of seed funding amounting to a total of $ 1.4 million and expansion is the only thing on their mind.

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