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Parle Is Bringing Back Rol-A-Cola & Twitter Is Beaming To Happiness

| Published on September 19, 2019

Parle says let the countdown begin! 

Parles’s Rol-A-Cola candy is all set to make its comeback in the Indian market. The product will be relaunched on the 1st October 2019. 

The company announced the good news to all the candy lovers on Twitter after Twitterati managed to win the challenge thrown by the company.

It all started in February when a Twitter user @ssaig asked Parle how many retweets will it need to bring the candy back in the market

The tweet read, “Hey @ParleFamily, How many RT’s to bring this back?” to which Parle replied, “If all you need is Rola Cola, then all we need is 10K retweets. #BringBackRolaCola”.

Pumped up with the excitement and thrill of the challenge Twitterati started retweeting the tweet and soon reached their target of 10K by all hooks and crooks. They not only tagged celebrity and popular accounts such as Netflix, Amazon, Shahrukh Khan and others but also ended up creating several accounts in order to reach their aim. 

After 10K retweets and a warm response on social media Parle finally announces the come back of Rol-A-Cola in a tweet. 

This is how Twitterati lit up in happiness on the news-

Krishna Rao, category head, Parle Products said, “We had discontinued Rola Cola in 2006 for the domestic market, while continuing to sell it in international markets such as Africa, as the product sort of stagnated after a decade from its launch in the 1990s. We are happy to reconsider our decision and bring back Rola Cola solely based on consumer demand,”

Welcome back Rol-A-Cola! We can’t wait to have you!

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