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Parle Congratulates Britannia For Its 100 Years. Twitter Is Loving The Convo

| Published on September 7, 2018

Social media platforms have become an effective medium for brands to express their emotions against competitors. In the recent past, we have seen several posts which show how updated brands are about the latest trend and they never miss a single opportunity to poke others. Especially on Twitter where customers keep an eye on everything that brands post and share about.


Britannia has recently completed its 100 successful years and is moving forward with the latest logo change.

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Parle, one of its biggest rivals took to Twitter and congratulated Britannia with a special a special wish. Congratulations on completing a hundred years, @BritanniaIndLtd! The Parle Family extends its warm wishes. #Britannia100 the tweet read.

We loved the way how Parle has included Melody in this wish. Britannia would have also felt same and replied with a sweet gesture.

Parle was quick to come up with something great.

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Twitterati came to know about this convo within no time and expressed their views:

Melody islie sweet hai kyuki usme little hearts hai!

Thank you both for joining us

The sweet opponents love each other

Perfectly healthy competition

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What do you think about this conversation these 2 famous brands had? Do let us know your views in the comments section.

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