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2 minutes read

Pakistani TV Anchor Confuses Apple Inc With The Fruit & People Hilariously Troll Her

| Published on July 7, 2019

A Pakistani news anchor recently became the laughing stock on social media when she confused the tech giant Apple Inc with the red fruit. The video footage instantly got viral on the social media and did not go unnoticed by the netizens.

The video clip shows a panellist talking about Pakistan’s financial condition saying, “Apple’s business alone amounts to more than the whole of Pakistan’s annual budget.”

Assuming that he was talking about the fruit, the TV anchor in the video clip is shown replying, ““Yes, I have heard that even one apple is very expensive.”

However, the panelist wasted no time in correcting her and clarified that he was talking about Apple phones and not the fruit. The anchor instantly realised and bravely accepted her mistake on live television that she got confused and people lauded her for her honesty. 

The netizens enjoyed their fair share of laugh on social media.

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