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Padman Challenge: A Good Marketing Strategy Or Not?

| Published on February 8, 2018

Bollywood movies have a deep impact on Indian audience, movie directors have now become aware of the fact that they play an important role in our society. In past few years, Hindi cinema has tried to convey important social messages through their movies. The latest one in this list is Akshay Kumar starring Padman which will release on 9th February.
PadMan is based on a man living in Coimbatore who makes low-cost sanitary napkins after he discovered that his wife couldn’t afford to buy one. He doesn’t just sell the sanitary pads but also takes bold steps to make women aware of the importance of these pads.


The marketing campaign of PadMan is making a lot of buzzes as many big names in Bollywood are supporting it. But, is it really a good idea to waste pads just for the marketing purpose?
The movie is based on making the sanitary pads affordable for every lady in the country and the Padman challenge is helping the movie to gain popularity.
Menstruation is still a taboo in India and such marketing campaigns can make a change if done perfectly. Campaigns can help in educating Indian women about the health problems that they can face during period days and this would have made them buy pads.

Celebrities taking pictures while holding pads will not change the reality of rural India. People living in big houses don’t even know about the problems that poor people face in their daily lives.
Our intention is not to disrespect anybody but the question arises that is it enough to create awareness among Indian women? A big portion of the people who are sharing their images on social media with the pads will throw them right away which will result in wastage.
The marketing campaign should have involved some stories about activists who have done so much for bringing a change in the mindset of Indian people regarding menstruation. But, we guess the marketing team may have chosen the pad challenge as previous Bollywood challenges like Beat Pe Booty were very successful and had helped the movie a lot.

This challenge will only remain popular for some days and everyone will forget about it after the release of Padman. If the marketing of Padman had been original and more creative it would have made a huge impact in solving a very critical issue for the women of our country.
People are taking a selfie with sanitary pads and wasting it but we suggest to distribute it to the ladies who are too poor and unaware to buy one.

What’s your take on this? Do let us know in comments so that we can share your views.

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