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Oyo Partners Are Unable To Contact Oyo Representatives. See Why

| Published on January 20, 2020

There have been so many negative things going on with Oyo. A lot of their fraud activities are being highlighted with days pass by and now a new one has come to light.

Most of the hotel owners are fed up being partnered with Oyo because of their poor work ethics. This all is turning out to exhibit an unfortunate image of the company when it still has a lot before it to do and explore.
oyo representatives

Oyo Partners Are Unable To Contact Oyo Representatives!

Recently, some Oyo partners have mentioned their inability to reach the Oyo representatives as they are not picking their calls and not interacting with them at all.

The owners of these hotels are dispirited as they were not informed about this layoff. “They should inform us. They update us on new launches, expansion to other countries but there is no news from the company on this. This is also important for us”, a hotel owner quoted.
oyo representatives
Another hotel owner mentioned the strict requirement and importance of communication. Not just that, he also said that Oyo keeps altering their staff and every converted one demands a different price which does not represent a stable business with Oyo.

Oyo representatives always state facts to defend themselves and on this topic, again, they said that they always keep in touch with their partners.

Adding to that, they also quoted, “There are multiple channels of communication that enable the asset owners to directly reach out to us and vice versa, including the CO-OYO app, OYO OS (and) partner support helpline … We also have dedicated portfolio managers who are equipped with all tools and technology to address any query or issue.”

With anyone in business, it is very important for both parties to keep the work attitude straight but Oyo has been failing there which is not bringing good outcomes for the company being already in a negative vision of the public. What do you say?
Source: OfficeChai

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