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OTT Shows Wannabe Marketers & Entrepreneurs Must Watch

| Published on April 23, 2020

Looking for some inspiration to run your business? Simply selling goods will not get you anywhere. In today’s day and age, marketing plays a significant role in helping your brand gain some recognition. In this article, we have compiled a list of shows that you can binge-watch during this quarantine period to be inspired, and inspire others as well.

Money Heist

Netflix ‘s #1 show has definitely returned with its latest show to keep you hooked. The Professor’s mindfulness to involve the public during his second heist is a good example of how marketing strategies should be. He appeals to them by talking about the grievance of one of the robbers, Anabel Cortez (Rio) and gains their sympathy against the police. What better way do you think the heist could’ve been pulled off?

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The Pitch

This show goes behind the scenes in showing the lives of people involved in the advertising agency as two of them compete against each other to reach the top. Advertising, digital marketing and marketing over different collateral is everything today. Watch the documentary to get an insight into their heads to experience the tension, drama and the brains behind some of the greatest copies ever made.

Shark Tank

The premise of Shark Tank is simple: entrepreneurs come from all around the world to pitch their products to real-life investors. They come to the show, talk all about their products, show a real-life demo as well and answer queries. The most successful episodes of this show have been the ones including Ashton Kutcher and music manager/CEO Troy Carter. Watch the show to learn how to pitch your product to prospective buyers and how to gain stardom right from there.

The Mind: Explained

Amidst all the marketing, it is our minds that help generate ideas. But how well do you understand it? This docu-series helps you in figuring out how important it is to keep our minds devoid of any harmful thoughts as our brains can work wonders if nourished with calmness.

The Mind, Explained | Netflix Official Site

Mad Men

An alpha male’s journey to stay ahead of his game in this story about an advertising agency is considered to be the best show of all time. Watch Mad Men and feel all the emotions behind hectic work schedules, the in-between and how to balance it all without forgetting to have fun.

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Do you have any other marketing show recommendations for us?

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