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OnePlus Takes A Witty Dig At Apple iPhone

| Published on December 26, 2020

We all desperately wait for new versions of the Apple iPhones every year. Their technology is considered to be the best in the smartphone world, and people spend a lot of money behind the latest versions one year after the other. When it comes to Android smartphones, the OnePlus community does not lag behind. They directly compete with Apple and also sell high-end smartphones to its consumers. Recently, OnePlus took a dig at Apple with a quote that resonates with a lot of people.

OnePlus asked its consumers to be unique in a world of apples (hint: in a world full of consumers obsessed with Apple iPhones).

The image has the newly launched OnePlus 8T, wherein the brand revealed its latest model with high-end specifications, which makes it a great competitor to the newly launched Apple iPhone 12 series. The post also suggested that the OnePlus brand has changed its designs, unlike Apple which stakes to its designs and brand recognition every year.

If you look closely at the different models of a OnePlus, you will realize that all of them have a different design. Whether it is the camera, or the build, or the glass, OnePlus makes sure to come up with something new in every model in order to make it unique from the others.

The consumers loved this sneak attack by OnePlus and dedicated fans of the community applauded them for their humor.

Apple has still not replied with a comeback, as depicted by this user here.

On similar lines, Xiaomi jumped this bandwagon to promote its product by saying, “But why settle for less when you can have more?” There is no surprise that the brand offers really good specs for a low budget. They emphasized their 1080 MP camera in the latest Mi 10T Pro.

We are eager to see how many other companies take such hits towards Apple. This is definitely not the first time and this won’t be the last!

Source: Gadgets Now

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