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OLX Rebrands For The First Time To Get A Global Identity

| Published on March 26, 2019

Rebranding is a strategy that brands use from time to time to expand and their reach and target new audience. This can be done in several ways like changing logo, packaging, tagline or introducing advertising campaigns spreading a new message.

OLX rebrands

OLX has launched its first rebranding campaign in 11 years to get global recognition. The rebranding is followed by a new brand tagline – ‘SET HAI’ which suggests audience make smart choices. The marketing campaign includes six ads across TV, Digital, Print and Outdoor.

About the campaign

The campaign shows OLX’s new philosophy as the platform helps people make smart choices. The words “SET HAI”, denotes the sense of satisfaction when one makes a smart choice. This theme has been finalised after extensive consumer workshops and six-month-long research conducted across 45 countries in which OLX operates globally. The campaign has been launched in 7 different languages.

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Logo change

OLX logo

The refreshed brand identity is also using a new logo represent the idea of making smart choices in a better way by circling great finds on OLX (the O) and crossing (the x) out the duds elsewhere. This new identity is more optimistic and lively.

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What experts say

Commenting on this important announcement, Sushil Kumar, general manager, OLX India said,

“We have defined a proposition, a visual language, personality and tone of voice that will appeal to the modern millennials globally. Smart Choice and SET HAI is a proposition that enables users to benefit while also benefiting the community.”

Quote source: BrandEquity

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