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Ola And Zomato Join Hands To Give Exclusive Offers To Its Customers

| Published on July 29, 2017

Ola and Zomato have recently made alliances with each other to create a common platform to work upon and give a surprise offer to its users. This is looked upon as a strategic partnership with the two companies to bring out the best in them.

Ola is an online cab service company and Zomato, on the other hand, is a home-grown global restaurant discovery and food ordering platform. Any idea as of how they will together create a common ecosystem for its customers? Let’s see!

Zomato will include Ola APIs into their app, enabling easy access to the customers searching for restaurants nearby to book Ola directly.

On the other hand, Ola Money, a mobile wallet, will be included in Zomato app making it easy for users to make secure payments on Zomato transactions. Restaurants partnered with Zomato will also create unique zones to let people book cabs easily through Ola. On the other hand, Ola Play customers will be able to view restaurants and food options, read reviews, order food and make table reservations.

This is the first time this kind of collaboration has occurred in India. Both these companies have millions of users in India and not to mention that this venture would make people more involved in the apps. Lately Ola and Uber have suffered a lot of woes in the society due to multiple services and customer related problems. With the government and other companies too coming up with new online car platforms, Ola in past few months has come up with a lot of unique collaborations and methods to grab customers.

No doubt Ola will make the most profit out of this and this will surely prove to be one of the best market strategies!

Saurabh Mishra, Director of Alliances, Ola, said,

“At Ola, we are focused on building products and services that enrich customer experience on our platform. This partnership with Zomato brings increased convenience, seamless mobility, and dining or ordering experience to the customers of both the platforms. From bringing in the ease of scrolling through the Zomato app while enjoying an Ola Play ride to the convenience of booking an Ola ride and paying through Ola Money at various Zomato properties, this partnership is a win-win for users on both sides. With Ola’s scale and network across 110 cities and Zomato’s leadership in partnership in the food-tech space, this partnership has the potential to grow and create much more value for customers in the time to come.”

Mukund Kulashekaran, Business Head Online Ordering, Zomato said,

“We are delighted to partner with Ola in enabling a seamless mobility experience for our customers as well as help them access Zomato during their rides on Ola Play. Mobility is an essential part of the overall dining experience and Ola brings together the widest network and choice of vehicles across 110 cities in India. Ola’s unique suite of offerings from Ola Money to Ola Play, align with the experience we desire for our customers. We are confident that this association will help both brands co-create exciting offerings for customers.”

Wait for another great news! Not only payment and riding facilities but this collaboration will also give people several discounts and other facilities. So get ready to book a cab and enjoy a dinner!

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