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Ola Cabs Turned Into Transformers Avatar For Their New Campaign Of The Movie

| Published on July 5, 2017

Ola started their new campaign for promoting the new movie, Transformers through their app. Instead of showing cars coming to pick up there will be transformer themed cars instead coming all the way.

Ola Micro becomes the Bumblebee, which is “protective, loyal and and playful,” and Ola Share becomes Crosshairs, which is the “best team player.” Ola Prime becomes Optimus Prime.

Apart from all these, Ola users can track their path through the app and also look back to see road footage and lucky ones can win free movie tickets and merchandise. This is not the first time for any cab company changing their icons, earlier to celebrate ISROs lucky venture Uber did something similar.

Ola joined hands with Paramount Pictures to promote the movie in India and looking at the popularity of Ola in urban cities, users would be much interested in this new venture!

How It Looks

Is Ola Becoming A Media Company?

Ola isn’t doing this type of promotions for the first time. Earlier this year they launched Ola play. They included tablets in cabs where users can play and watch videos. So customers can watch latest viral videos, listen to songs and also can watch Republic Tv.

Ola has 6 lakh cabs across the nation but all this cabs doesn’t provide this service. If Ola can include tablets in as many cabs as possible then they can include many brand promotions and media too which will help them make profit. They have 4 billion monthly user attention per month. That’s huge!

Times Group only has more attention than Ola though it is only a media company and on other hand Ola is a cab company. Other companies like Bhaskar and Firstpost are much less compared to Ola.

It recorded losses of Rs. 1760 crore last year, as it found itself battling Uber on one hand but since people started showing interests in Ola Play , Ola can easily grab the market with incomes in other ways.

The new icons are available for Ola app on Android and iOS platforms.

The Contest

Ola Transformed

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