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Now Travel From Mumbai To London In Just One Hour!

| Published on April 29, 2019

Do you travel often to London? On average, it takes somewhere close to 8 – 11 hours to fly there, from India. But, here is a piece of good news for all who have to travel to London regularly.

With every passing day, technology upgrades itself, trying to make our lives simpler and smoother. And when it comes to the field of aviation, the technology upgradation is at its best. We always want to reach different parts of the nation or the world as fast as possible.

So what exactly is happening?

If a company based out of England’s Oxfordshire, Reaction Engines Limited, stays adamant to its resolve, a hypersonic passenger plane that could zip from Mumbai to London in an hour would soon be a possibility. Surprised? Also, this will be a direct flight, without any layovers.

News reports say that the hypersonic passenger plane will have the capacity to travel 38800 miles per hour which is nowhere in front of a normal passenger plane flying from Mumbai to London.

Not a reality yet!

The main issue which has still kept hypersonic airplanes in our mere dreams is the heat build-up inside the engines during high-speed flight. But the organization that will be launching the flight has revealed its successful experiment of the engine cooling system.

The future is this!

This actually sounds really crazy and exciting but the flight is going to be expensive initially and after few days of normal functioning the prices will be made affordable for the common mass.

Do you think this is the first time such an airplane is being made? Well, it’s not the truth, the first fast-speed plane to be invented; in the past, Concorde by the British Airways flew the rich and famous at $20 k, but was soon discontinued due to the high costs of operations.

Thus, you are advised to be patient because there are still years to come for the hypersonic passenger plane to become a reality, untill then we will need 8 – 11 hours to reach London. Let’s just hope these years pass soon!

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