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Now Pay Upto Rs. 23,250 For Illegal Vehicle Parking In Mumbai

| Published on July 10, 2019

Mumbai has since years faced serious traffic issues but what makes it even worse are the illegal parked vehicles which tend to put a halt to the smooth flow of traffic. 

To deal with this issue, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has now planed punitive fines for anyone who disobeys the parking rules and park their vehicles illegally. 

The rule breakers will be charged upto Rs. 15,000 which includes towing charges, for parking within 500-meter radius of 26 authorised public parking lots and will range from Rs.5,000 for two-wheelers to Rs.15,000 for heavy vehicles. 

Incase of late payment, the person will also be charged a penalty which could go upto as much as Rs.23,250 as per a BMC Official. 

To ensure the effectiveness of the newly rolled out scheme, the administration has also hired ex-servicemen to assist traffic police. 

While many took to Twitter to slam this idea of the municipal corporation, many also made use of it to report vehicles that were illegally parked near their areas. 

Twitter users also posted pictures of the new sign boards installed that clearly states the price for illegal parking.

A Twitter user also posted a picture of his fine receipt of Rs.10,000 which has been making rounds on social media

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