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Now Couples Will Soon Be Able To Get Married In McDonald’s

| Published on October 29, 2018

If you are planning about your wedding, we have a good news for the couples who are fond of eating snacks at McDonald’s. No, McD’s is not launching a wedding service, the real story is that a new budget plan in the UK is about to get launched under which, couples across the country will be granted permission to get married in any establishment of their choice. It can be anything from a restaurant to a juice shop, at the pub, in their favorite restaurant or by the ketchup machines at a nearby McDonald’s.


The aim behind this is to cut the price of weddings, and we believe this will certainly transform what the traditional wedding looks like. There will also be an option to merge weddings for couples who agree to tie knots in the presence of other couples.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond will soon announce a review of the ‘outdated’ marriage ceremony laws that will require venues to abide by strict laws

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For restaurants, arranging these ceremonies would require a specific room for where the ceremony takes place and the owners must also hold a wedding license and ensure that no food or boozy drinks are consumed an hour before and during the event.

Currently, the average cost of getting a venue is on rent is £4,500 and couples can expect the average total cost of weddings to be around – £20,000 and £30,000.

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