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‘No Flirting With The Cashier’: Cafe Goes Viral For Hilarious List Of ‘Don’ts’

| Published on February 24, 2021

Restaurants around the globe run on their own sets of rules & regulations. While they may vary from restaurant to restaurant, it is sure that there will be some rules. Some will serve only vegetarian food, while some will no allow smoking on the premises, and so on.

Though having your own rules is okay, a restaurant in Pune is going viral for its insanely long list of Dos & Don’ts. From ‘No laptop’ to ‘No Free Advice’, the list of the Irani Cafe Pune has some of the most unusual Don’ts in the list.

A Twitter user posted a picture of the menu with the caption ‘What Happened here?’ and the post has gone viral since.

While we have so many questions as to what made them come up with this bizarre and unusual list, people on Twitter could not hold in and jumped in to ask ‘WHY?”. People have since been retweeting and pin-pointing the most hilarious ‘Don’ts’ of them all. Everyone had their own favorite it seems.

Someone shared their own experience in one of the Irani Cafes they had been to.

A fair point I guess…

We were wondering the same thing…

Since so many people asked about the cashier, Irani Cafe Pune jumped in on the discussion and gave us all a sneak peek of the most talked-about man on the internet.

People did find a common ground with ‘No Free Advice’ it seemed.

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