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Nissan’s CSR Initiative Fixes Potholes In Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai After Rannvijay’s Instagram Post

| Published on October 19, 2019

Potholes have been an eternal problem on Indian roads. They are one of the main causes of so many fatal accidents in India. With the increasing population in metro cities and the amount of time people spend traveling on roads, the need for pothole repair is more important than ever.

While everyone is busy complaining about such issues, Nissan India with its corporate vision of “Enriching People’s Lives” collaborated with Bengaluru-based NGO Pothole Raja as a part of its “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) campaign and decided to fix some potholes.

It all started after Rannvijay’s Instagram post in which he talked about the difficulties of driving on Indian roads went viral. In the post, he asked his followers to share their problems about driving and Nissan got in contact with Pothole Raja over a reply to this post.


The team started on 6th Oct with 15+ volunteers and fixed 35+ potholes in Bangalore. Seeing the positive impact, Nissan wanted to repair potholes in Delhi and Mumbai also. Based on the complaints PotHole Raja received from Mumbai & Delhi, the team finalized the locations.

Over 25 potholes near the International airport in Mumbai were fixed in just 3 hours on 15th October and potholes in Delhi were repaired on 16th October. Nissan India had sent its newly launched Nissan Kicks to check the condition of roads on a different location and fix potholes.

The road which was identified with a lot of potholes by Nissan Kicks is popularly known as the Indian oil road. People told that the road was in terrible condition and they thanked the team for their noble work. Even traffic police personnel joined the team to bring better roads to the city.

Rannvijay was asked to share his experience with Nissan Kicks on Indian roads. Here’s what he said:

Nissan India and Pothole Raja even posted a video on Instagram explaining the whole campaign.


More brands should work on such issues as these help them in getting the right kind of attention. What are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comment section.

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