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Nike Celebrates Ronaldo’s Record-Breaking Feat By Renovating A Pitch In Style

| Published on September 4, 2021

The formidable Ronaldo is a known figure both, on and off the field. Born in Madeira, Portugal, this player has been a perfect example of perfection and sportsmanship. With a tad too many accomplishments in football, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most beloved athletes in the world. And to honor him and his journey, the people of Funchal community in his hometown have renovated a pitch where he has spent his formative years. This comes after he has been declared as a record holder for being the leading goal scorer for a national team.

The pitch in question is at a local community center in Madeira and is designed by artist AkaCorleone. The main attraction of this pitch are the painted goalposts that is creatively designed. The crossbars of the goalpost give a synopsis of Ronaldo’s career in 15 pictures. They are of those important and landmark moments, places and events in his career that have made him the player he is. His first goal in 2004, his overhead kick in 2018, his career bests and his record-shattering achievements, all are beautifully depicted in design. The nets hold a special message. One states “Greatness starts with a goal” and the second one, shows a Portuguese phrase “Marca o teu destino” which translates to ‘Mark your destiny’. This goal carries a special meaning for the player and showcases his dedication to personal goals on his way to becoming one of the greatest footballers in history. It is this quality of him that set him apart from all his contemporaries. According to him, setting goals is of utmost importance to achieving anything in life. However small they may be, goal-setting will help one achieve anything one wants and give a sense of accomplishment.

Along with this, a CR110 boots have been given to 110 potential and young achievers in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England. This was done in order to celebrate his influence among his co-equals. The boot has a shattered image of color depicting a childhood incident of Ronaldo, breaking a neighbors’ window into pieces. The heel tape seam is inspired by Portugal’s national flag. The tongue jab represents the date and time of his first professionally scored goal.

Ronaldo credits his biggest inspiration as his ownself. It is this attitude of his that has helped him pave the way into making him one of the icons in the world of football.

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