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Nicotex Befriends People to Support Their Will Power to Quit Smoking In This New Ad

| Published on August 6, 2018

We all know the harmful effects of smoking on our health but still, many of us don’t have those guts to quit it, thanks to the pleasure it gives. However, if one has the willpower, he can quit any and every bad habit. Nicotex has gone a step further to explain how even “Willpower” needs some support.

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The new advertisement shows that there are moments when smokers tend to lose their patience in the process of adapting the no-smoking attitude! This is when a product like Nicotex’s support comes into play and helps people quit smoking by lending hand to their willpower.

Nicotex has used a very effective and friendly tone in their ad which would help the smokers and prospective users relate to it in a better way. Using a friendly approach is a good tactic considering the target audience of Nicotex is someone who needs a caring & helping hand. A positive and realistic approach always helps when it comes to bidding goodbye to such addictions.

Also, the timing of this ad film launch is perfect as Friendship’s day is on its way and what better can one do than helping his/her friend quit smoking. Friends are the ones who make us feel comfortable enough to share our bad habits with them easily.

Nicotex, as the best buddy, wants smokers to focus on a healthier lifestyle by reducing the bad habits as much as possible.

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