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New Trend In Wedding Market? Assamese Bride Goes Viral For Wearing A Matching Silk Mask

| Published on May 28, 2020

Wearing a face mask at all times whenever you step out of the house has become mandatory in many parts of the world due to the pandemic. The demand for face masks has given way to a new business opportunity.

Looking at how wearing a mask will become the new normal, many companies, from medical to fashion brands, have been launching their designs now. Many individuals have been spotted wearing a quirky mask made by themselves.

Recently, an Assamese bride has gone viral for wearing a silk mask which was specially designed to match her silk wedding saree.

Photos and videos of the bride, Nirmala Upadhyaya, an advocate at the Gauhati High Court, who got married on 22 May, have since been widely shared on social media.

The bride’s makeup artists had posted a video on TikTok of the bride once she was all ready for her wedding ceremony. Himadri Gogoi, the makeup artist, said that the video instantly went viral on the platform and has been viewed over 1.3million times.


Even the groom was seen wearing a similar mask that was matching his traditional wedding wear.

Nandini Borkakati, a Guwahati-based fashion and textile designer, who had designed the reusable mask, has been quoted as saying, “The idea was to leave the surgical approved protective masks for the medical staff, and encourage the population to wear more fabric-made masks with unique and creative designs.”

She also explained how the mask has been made of Assam Paat silk and has a traditional kingkhap motif.

Nandini said they received the order for a pair of masks for the bride and the bridegroom. While adding that he masks were reusable she said, “We interpreted that idea and created this glamorous piece with the unique use of tassels.”

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