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This New Music App Lets Your Mood And Location To Decide Your Next Track

| Published on July 2, 2017

Pindrop is a new Noida-based music app launched recently. It’s very unique in its approach as it lets its users get music according to their emotion and also lest users share their playlist.

Nowadays businesses are changing according to consumers mindset and their requirements. This is what the new app focuses on!

What’s It About?

It’s a new music app in market. It actually depends on music suggested by friends and users near one based on location and mood of the person. It takes into account the trending music, local trends and someones playlist to provide suggestions.

Music Based On Location

The Work

Vishu Gupta (CEO), Prankush Roopanwal (CTO), and Sumit Chakraborty (Creative Director) co-founded the app in 2014. They had few videos for the marketing that got viral on social media platforms that fetched them millions of downloads within six months.

The Team

They have already a lot of investors including people from Bollywood too and they look forward for attempting to create their app in better way by featuring local artists and their personalized contents.

The App Experience

After signing up, the user has to select music genres to let the app know about his or her taste for music. The app provides a list of moods to the user that should be selected further. Options like Gym, Bed, Office, Lazy afternoon and many more flash on ones screen after signing up.

According To Your Mood

Users can also share their playlist which keeps on getting updated and the popular ones get featured on app which can be heard by others too. Also users can subscribe to various artists of their choice to keep them well informed.

Though its other counterparts like Gaana.com, Hungama or Savaan too has a lot of features of sharing but this app has its own feature creating mood based music a first of its kind in India!

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