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How The New Ciaz Stands Against Volkswagen Vento and Toyota Yaris

| Published on August 27, 2018

The all-new Maruti Ciaz was launched earlier this week and is now available on sales through the Nexa showrooms. Though Ciaz has a less of an uplift in the physical features, some major mechanical changes with a brand new engine, make it a more powerful and easy to drive a car. Also, the price tag that it comes with at a base price of Rs 8.19 lakhs for the petrol manual Sigma variant and goes up to Rs 10.97 lakhs for the Alpha automatic variant, makes it a very lucrative offer when it comes to owning a sedan. All diesel variants are priced from Rs 9.19-10.97 lakhs, though diesel variants do not get an automatic option.


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Here is a comparison in terms of the power of all 3 cars

Petrol Ciaz Vento Yaris
Engine 1.5 1.6/1.2 1.5
Transmission 5MT/ 4AT 5MT/7 DSG 6MT/CVT
Power 104 PS 105 PS 106 PS
Torque 138 Nm 153/175 Nm 140 Nm
Mileage 21.56/20.28 16/18 17.1/17.8
Diesel Ciaz Vento Yaris
Engine 1.3 1.5 NA
Transmission 5 MT 5 MT/ 7DSG
Power 90 PS 110 PS
Torque 200 Nm 250 Nm
Mileage 28.09 22

Toyota Yaris

When compared to the Toyota Yaris, both cars are almost same in terms of features. While Yaris is available only in the petrol variant, with a 1.5-liter engine, it delivers almost the same power and torque as Ciaz. Its petrol engine delivers 106 bhp of power and 140 Nm torque and is a relatively new entrant in the c-segment. However, Yaris comes with CVT whereas Ciaz only has 4-speed automatic transmission (AT).


Other Features Compared

Ciaz Vento Yaris
Length 4490 4390 4425
Width 1730 1699 1730
Height 1485 1467 1495
Wheelbase 2650 2553 2550
Ground Clearance 170 163 160
Kerb Wt 1016 1121 1090
Fuel Tank 43 55 42
Boot Space 510 494 476
Alloy 16 16 15
Tyre 195/55 185/60
Airbags 2 2

Volkswagen Vento

Vento has always been liked by a niche kind of an audience and its sales are never in volumes when compared to both Yaris and Ciaz. Though Vento’s engines are more powerful, they lack the advanced SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle System) technology that Ciaz offers. Also, the new Ciaz offers much more comfort, styling and technology integration.
However, Vento has a DSG gearbox, which is its USP. No other car in the segment comes with a DSG gearbox.
If you want a relaxed driving experience, with more space and comfort, opt for new Ciaz. Also from the price point, it is the Ciaz, which makes more sense. Yaris makes for the safest car while Vento is typically a driver’s car.


Price Point Compared

Price Ciaz Vento Yaris
Base P MT 8.19 8.37 8.75
Base D MT 9.19 9.7 NA
Base P AT 9.8 10.59 9.95
Top P MT 9.97 11.15 12.85
Top P AT 10.97 12.43 14.07
Top D MT 10.97 12.56 NA
Top D AT NA 13.81 NA

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