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Netizens Share How Old Electronics Have Outlived New Ones Proving “Old Is Gold”

| Published on December 4, 2020

The phrases like “Old is Gold”, “Evergreen”,  etc, are something we have all heard of in movies or novels. However, with time we have realized that they are not just a phrase but also have some truth in them.

People on social media recently opened up an interesting debate where they could just not understand as to why older electronics from our grandparent’s and parents’ time still work flawlessly while the newer models die almost as soon as you buy them.

The internet was recently full of stories of how the appliances they bought in the 70s, 80s, and 90s are still in pretty good shape but the ones they bought a couple of months back are just not worth the money.

A Twitter user Tatum initiated a thread on this topic, sharing how a 2020 appliance will *break within 2 years* while a 1970s refrigerator will “outlive u and everyone u love.”

The Twitter post has since gone viral, receiving more than 400k likes on the threads and over 40k comments.

As soon as Tatum posted his thoughts, people jumped in and tried to understand as to why this was happening. While some just couldn’t stop sharing their own jokes on the life of the new tech.


While some people were just joining in on the conversation and sharing the ancient gadgets they have still been using, some people jumped in to explain the phenomenon that has caused this difference in durability. People shared how this was a concept called “Planned obsolescence” which is adopted by many automobile and electronics companies to ensure repetitive sales.


The topic bought a lot of nostalgia in the people and for a moment everyone could appreciate how older things are not always to be thrown away. They just might outlive you.

What gadget do you have that has been in the family for generations? Do share your stories with us.

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