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Netizens Gave Awesome Replies To LinkedIn’s ‘What Changes Would You Bring To An Organisation?’

| Published on July 10, 2021

India is home to one of the many MBA graduates in the world. The majority of these graduates have one dream, that is, to be at the highest most hierarchy of a multi-national company. People join these MNCs at an entry-level position and gradually work their way up to the corporate food chain.

For the ones who truly learn from their experience, prove to be one of the best leaders and managers. They understand how an average employee thinks and what could be a true motivator to help them work more efficiently.

The senior-most managers who are more empathetic towards their employees well being, in turn, are able to form a much successful enterprise.

But for those who are still on their way to becoming a CEO of a company, LinkedIn had a question to ask them all.

Have you seen the movie, Nayak? Starring Anil Kapoor and Amrish Puri. The movie was based on the storyline of ‘Ek din ka CM’ and boy was that fun to watch..

The question LinkedIn asked did give similar vibes. The social networking site recently tweeted asking ‘If you were CEO for a day, what change would you bring at your organization to ensure work-life balance for the team? #FindTheBalance’.

The question was put up by LinkedIn on July 5th and had since become a viral topic on social media. Many people came up with ideas of their own. While some had an expected 4 days or 5 days work schedule, many gave a different revert on it.

What changes would you bring if you were to become a CEO for a day? Tell us about your innovative ideas and we’ll see who comes up with the most innovative concept.

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