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2 minutes read

Netflix’s Adult Tweet Has Made Several Brands Reply Hilariously

| Published on December 16, 2019

We talk about engaging content and Netflix has always proven to be afront, be it the Netflix Originals or the creativity and style they possess. If you are a person who is always updated with the viral content on the internet, then you must have come across Netflix’s latest tweet.

A recent tweet from Netflix has enveloped everyone on Twitter, from a common man to big and successful brands. The content of the tweet was so engaging that one would love to be a part of it and show some of their own content skills.

Hulu showed up and replied a hilarious answer to that tweet. The answer was not only a mainstream dialogue among adults, these days but matched up with Netflix’s tweet question a lot!

Not only Hulu but several other big brands’ replies to the tweet have been observed such as Reddit, Animal Planet, Yelp, IMDb, Snickers, Instagram and many others.

And here comes the best one

It was super fun reading all the tweets, especially from the brands. The amazing thing is there could be a lot of experiments done with the same tweet if we change the context.

The fun should be never-ending.

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